State of California
Dept. of Motor Vehicles

Working in existing facilities is always interesting to say the least. Especially if they have been around a very long time, and systems and conduits have been added to, rather than replaced. You know, no room to squeeze in another conduit or cable, and if you removed one, the whole thing would come apart like a house of cards.

Before we do anything, especially in an existing facility, our reaction is always the same, "what are we trying to achieve?" "Is there another way?" "What are the costs and benefits?" We know the last thing anyone wants to do is retrofit a system in an existing business…after all, our Customers have a job to do, and have their Customers to support. A retrofit means disruption, frustration and costs. Especially since (as in most government projects we have been involved) they have stretched to the limits the useful life of their systems to extract the maximum benefit and save costs. Thus, we are often asked to convert an existing system at about the time that system is falling apart.

Nonetheless, we take the time to look at the long view. Any government agency will be stretching out the new system we recommend. Thus even under the most urgent conditions, we must provide flexible, dynamic and robust solutions. Once selected, our designs and expert project management approach ensures the project is phased in with minimal interruption, and the highest value contractor (even in highly competitive, low-bid situations) is selected for the project.

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