The Marquis team consists of professionals who are recognized experts in their field. We have a range of experience, from turning a pie-in-the-sky feasibility analyses into reality, to the down-in-the-dirt work of getting a contractor to cleanly closeout a project.

We have a great team of technology consultants, engineers, construction managers, and drafters.

We know that just because a system works and looks glamorous, it does not necessarily mean it provides you value. We have an excellent understanding of the forces financial structures, accounting, cash flow and profit exert on projects. Our focus is to provide you practical solutions from your perspective of fulfilling a business need.

We have worked with, generated and are completely familiar with all types of construction, engineering and record drawings, and specifications. Our comprehensive and detailed work ensures your scope is clearly defined from the outset, your budget is protected and your schedule is met.

Furthermore, our extensive experience with contractual law, project accounting, change order negotiations and project management controls systems ensures your interests are covered throughout the course of the project with as little frustration and demand on your time as possible. That is why you hired us in the first place.

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